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tucson, arizona

status: built (spring 2022) 

build: Frankie and friends
A mid century ranch style residence by regional modernist architect Tom Gist needed some tender loving yard care. A sweet couple of poets reached out, we pondered, and this is where we landed. Orthagonal gathering areas define and clarify the space, complimenting the architecture. The “beyond” pops off with flower spikes and soft smells. Two large Olneya tesota will someday provide ample shade. A dry specimen garden of punky plant freaks wallflower around the existing kidney shaped pool, waiting for the mosh pit to open up.

Playlist: Salvia clevelandii, catalina boulders, Muhlenbergia dumosaAloysia wrightii, arborist wood chips, 3/8” gravel, steel, concrete

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this garden is growing in, but here are some photos of the build process

tucson, arizona


est. 2020