Galveston Artist Residency 

Design: One Big Yard
Build: Erik Schmahl, Dan Schmahl, Susanna Battin, G.P. Schmahl

Galveston Artist Residency invited us down to Galveston, Texas in the summer of 2020 to breathe some new life into their much loved and heavily used back courtyard space. We decided to build a more robust stage and new benches out of cedar, organize the existing plant material and introduce some more Gulf Coast natives, add some overhead lighting (for the ghosts), and a scrap pipe fire ring. This was a hot and humid DIY design build. We picked up trash on the beach and surfed, too. We explored a concrete prototype using beach sand and plastic trash as an exposed aggregate. And no one got sick! 

Below is a visual scrapbook of the process. No final photos, because a garden is never finished.

tucson, arizona

est. 2020